Deborah A. Gust, M.A., LCPC is A graduate of The Adler School of Professional Psychology, she completed her postgraduate work in Gestalt & Family Systems at the Midwest Gestalt Institute. She is also a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, a Certified Clinical Forensic Counselor, Certified Relationship Specialist, a trained Mediator, Certified Hypnotherapist and a Board Certified Professional Counselor.
She has facilitated numerous seminars on a variety of topics including: The Wounded Carry Briefcases: The Vicarious Traumatization of Social Service Providers, Psychotherapy and You: A consumer’s guide to psychological services, The Castle of Love: How to keep your marriage safe, thriving & delicious, The use of Cognitive Behavioral Emotional Therapy in Treating Sexual Abuse Survivors, Identifying & Interacting with Dissociative Clients, Self-Care for Crisis Intervention Workers, and The challenge of working with Borderline patients. She authored the an article in the Annals of The American Psychotherapy Association in Spring of 2009 “The “Pooring” of the American Therapist”. And also was a a Contributor in the following articles in THE NEWS SUN , “College terror threat hits home”(April 2008),“Experts answer the question: Why kill? Mother accused of killing her daughter may suffer from postpartum psychosis(April 2008)”“Therapist: Evacuees will need to be counseled” (September 8, 2005 Section A: Front Page) Through Young Eyes: Teens learn lessons of 9/11” (September 11, 2002 Section A: Front Page) and the May 28, 1999 issue “Just the two of us” [Section B: Your Life]; in which she stressed the importance for parents to take a break from their busyness, and take that time to reconnect and rekindle their friendship through playfulness and romance.
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